RTorrent 命令行使用说明

搜索一下网络上关于 rtorrent 的中文说明似乎没有找到,根据原文大致的把命令行操作翻译一下:

添加和删除 torrents

回退键 用 URL 或者文件路径添加,采用 tab 键查看目录内容并自动完成,支持通配符,例如: ~/torrent/*
回车键 和回退键一样,但是添加的 torrent 保持非激活( inactive )状态 (用 ^s 激活)
^o 对选择的 torrent 设置新的下载目录,仅仅对还没有被激活过的 torrent
^s 开始下载,先运行 hash ,除非已经做过
^d 停止激活的下载,或者删除一个停止的下载
^r 初始化 torrent 的 hash 检查

注意: ^s 和 ^q 在 shell 里面经常用来控制屏幕的暂停,这会和 rTorrent 发生冲突,用 stty -a 来检查是否已经被使用,删除的办法是:

stty stop undef
stty start undef

before running rTorrent (or reattaching to screen) to leave them undefined. You could also replace undef with some other code — ^p, say. ^d also usually sends end-of-file but ncurses passes this through to rTorrent. stty eof undef if you are worried.

To fix this, you may also toggle the flow control in screen with ^a ^f until screen displays “-flow” in the bottom left corner.


a/s/d 增加上传带宽 1/5/50 KB.
z/x/c 降低上传带宽 1/5/50 KB.
A/S/D 增加下载带宽 1/5/50 KB.
Z/X/C 降低下载带宽 1/5/50 KB.

Common Error Messages

Could not parse bencoded data
This message is caused by bad communication with the tracker, often caused by invalid client authentication (passkey, IP address, etc.)
Could not create download, the input is not a valid torrent
This message is caused by a corrupted or otherwise non-valid .torrent file. You should redownload the .torrent file or possibly find a new source for it.

Global Keys

^q 关闭 rTorrent,再按一次,强行关闭
上下箭头 选择 torrent
左键 回到前一个屏幕


向右键 切换到下载视图
^r 检查 hash
+/- 修改优先度
l 查看日志,空格退出
1 显示所有下载
2 显示所有下载,按文件名排序
3 显示开始的下载
4 显示停止的下载
5 显示完成的下载
6 显示未完成的下载
7 显示正在 hash 的下载
8 显示正在做种的下载


right Switch to selected view
left Switch to view selection or back to main view
1/2 Adjust max uploads.
3/4 Adjust min peers.
5/6 Adjust max peers.
p 显示 peer
o 显示 torrent 信息
i Display file list
u Display tracker list
t/T Initiate tracker request. Use capital T to force the request, ignoring the “min interval” set by the tracker.

Peer list View Keys

left Switch to view selection
right Show peer details
* Snub peer (stop uploading to this peer)
k Kick peer (disconnect from peer)

File list View Keys

left Switch to view selection
right Show file details
space Change the file priority; applies recursively when done on a directory
* Change the priority of all files
/ Collapse directories. While collapsed, press right to expand the selected directory.

Priority options are blank (standard priority), hig (high priority) and off (not to be downloaded).

Tracker list View Keys

left Switch to view selection
* Enable/disable tracker
space Rotate trackers in a group