Fast Track to Excel 2007

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1.2.4 Internal Changes
Besides the changes in the interface, the computational limits of
Excel have been pushed further. The number of rows and columns
have been increased to 1048576 and 16384 respectively. Contrast this
with the earlier limits of 65536 rows and 256 columns. To be able to
handle this larger spreadsheet, MS Office now is able to use up all the
RAM supported by the OS (4 GB in case of a 32-bit OS; specifically, in
Excel, there is a 2 GB limit), compared to the previous maximum of
1 GB. And the software has also been optimised or multi-threaded to make better use of multi-core CPUs.

Other enhancements include the increase in the number of characters a cell can hold from 1024 to 32768; an increase in the number of unique
colours allowed in a spreadsheet—from 56 to 4.3 billion; etc.



=IF (A3=FALSE,D5+25, D5+5)

=IFERROR (A3/23,”Sorry! Non computable error!”)