Virtualbox 3.0 Beta

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As said in the article, Sun 的虚拟化产品是否太多了?Oracle 收购后, Oracle 自己也有好几个虚拟化产品呢!3.0 主要的更新是允许 guest OS? 支持多个虚拟 CPU。心急的用户可以点击这里下载。

The big question, of course, is what Oracle will do with its Oracle Enterprise VM and Virtual Iron hypervisors and tools as well as Sun’s xVM Server (based on Xen) as well as VirtualBox on x64 iron as well as LDoms and Solaris containers on Sparc iron. With Red Hat’s KVM coming on strong, there may be another one that Oracle has to add to the list, which also includes both Oracle and Sun support for XenServer and ESX Server. There’s a lot of overlap in there, and it is hard to believe that everything will make the cut.

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